IOA and Sports Ministry to approach Supreme Court

IOA and Sports Ministry to approach Supreme Court

Tired with the delays in the de-recognition wrangle pending in the Delhi High Court, the Indian Olympic Association and the sports ministry (Union of India) are planning to approach the Supreme Court soon.

For the better part of the year, there has been suspense and drama for around 57 National Sports Federations, as they stand derecognised by the Ministry of youth affairs and sports. This happened because of a case in the Delhi High Court which has been dragging on for months.

The well known case relates to well known activist lawyer Rahul Mehra versus the Union of India, where the IOA is also a respondent. As per an exhaustive affidavit filed by Rahul Mehra last month, none of the NSFs in India are eligible for recognition as they do not comply with the provisions of the 2011 National Sports Code’s various provisions.

However, the sports ministry and the IOA have now made up their mind that inordinate delay in the Delhi HIgh Court is detrimental for Indian sport at large and they should approach the Supreme Court for relief. This had been written about by last month.

People in the know of things say required permission has been taken from the law commission for the Union of India to approach the highest court of the land. The IOA has taken a stand that NSFs are suffering and this will cause damage to preparation of the Indian athletes for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

It is learnt several top legal brains have been hired for this purpose so that the SC can be moved. The plea from the sports ministry is going to be very simple, that matters relating to recognition of NSFs is their sole prerogative, as long as the sports code conditions are fulfilled.

Since the time NSFs were derecognised, preparatory camps have been taking place directly under the supervision and control of the Sports Authority of India. The problem for the federations is they are not getting any funds from the sports ministry and they are feeling the pinch.

Almost 70 per cent of the NSF funding comes from the sports ministry, which has been stopped following the derecognition. Some federations have expressed helplessness as they are unable to run their offices.

Considering that the sports ministry has filed an affidavit in the Delhi High Court wanting the case filed against them to be dismissed, the new turn of events is interesting.

It is well known the ministry is backing 57 NSFs it gave provisional recognition to earlier this year.  Some of them have not complied with the sports code but right now the ministry is concerned about the “the interest of all NSFs”.

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  1. “Almost 70 per cent of the NSF funding comes from the sports ministry, which has been stopped following the derecognition.”
    Is this true? Are NSFs funded by the Ministry to the tune of 70 per cent of their income?

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