Good decision Harbhajan

Good decision Harbhajan

For a team which has relied vastly on vastu, astrology and good luck charm, it appears Chennai Super Kings have been hit hard by bad luck.’

From cases of players, team officials and support staff testing positive for COVID-19 in Dubai when the bio bubble had begun, to Suresh Raina flying back abruptly, things have gone awry for CSK.

It is well known, COVID-19 spares none and the severity of it is now even more unpredictable, globally. So, the authorities in the United Arab Emirates are not going to leave anything to chance.

To be sure, Harbhajan Singh opting out of IPL is big news. As a pedigree off-spinner who would have been very effective on what is expected to be slow tracks in the desert heat, Bhajjai will be missed.

He may be 40 years of age, but his maturity, guile and cunning will be missed by MS Dhoni, the entire team and lakhs of CSK fans.

So, what really was the issue leading  to Harbhajan opting out? By his own post on social media, the Turbanator has said his mother is not keeping good health and he wants to be with her in India.

His decision needs to be respected as in times of COVID-19, being with family becomes far more important for even the superstars. He may be losing crores of rupees in the bargain, but then, there is no price for love one can show to parents.

The world of cricket knows Harbhajan as a fun-loving person, who knows his art as a bowler. He can be deadl, can play on nerves of batsmen even at this age, and would have loved to play this time as well.

His decision not to go to the UAE as he is possibly not mentally prepared to be away from home brings forth another facet of his persona. There are several athletes in recent times who have spoken of emotional problems, stress and dealing with various issues. In Bhajji’s case, he has now ensured he will not let the team down and take up responsibility as a son.

 Back to vastu, good luck charm and how the CSK team has used even astrology to bring them luck, the recent cases of misfortune are more than a mere coincidence. To lose out on the services of Raina and Harbahajan are big blows which will be felt.

At a time when all the IPL teams will be dealing with so many uncertainties, CSK may perhaps need to get even more mentally tough to deal with the rigours of playing this edition of the IPL.

There is no doubt, this time, the IPL will be viewed even more as people have been craving for it. At least, that is what we are being made to believe.

As for Bhajji, he needs to be saluted for taking up a much bigger role in life now than playing club cricket in the desert. Good luck champ.

The team will miss you but maybe CSK can go back to the vastu experts.

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